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One Night Stand - Performance, Spike Island, November 2012

Performance Re-enactment Society 
punctuated the evening's proceedings with three acts. 

In these interludes, with audience participation, we carried out original versions of instruction works and enactments inspired by other artists. 

Act 1 is a new interpretation of 'Unfurl' by Alison Knowles, published in 'More' (1979).  

 Act 2 is a montage of Yoko Ono's instructions for paintings, 1961 - 2, published in 'Grapefruit' (1964).

Act 3 is a version of Sophie Calle's 'The Chromatic Diet' (1997), which was itself a version of a work by the fictional artist Maria Turner, from Paul Auster's novel 'Leviathan' (1992). Calle attempted to become Auster's heroine, who was based on her; tonight, through eating, you can attempt to become Calle and Turner.

These instruction-based works were previously carried out at Arnolfini's 'The Cover of a Book is the Beginning of a Journey' (2009) and were remade for the context of 'One Night Stand' at Spike Island.

Maggs beneath the Covers, Maggs Bros. Booksellers London 21 Sept - 21 Dec 2012

In Praise of Shadows 

A sculptural installation commissioned for the stairwell of Maggs Bros. Mayfair.
Inspired by 'Unetsu -The Egg Stands Out of Curiosity' by Sankai Juku Butoh company. 
A performance photography title in the Japanese Photography and Design department.

"I am interested in how a book might leave a visual trace, or imprint, on the building as it does upon the mind of the reader. My making is greatly inspired by my reading and this project at Maggs offers a rare chance to produce a piece which so strongly connects with my practice."

Performance Re-enactment Society, Performing Documents: Remake, Arnolfini September 2012

Group Show

Performance Re-enactment Society's recent commission:
I worked with dance artist Laura Dannequin on 'Group Show'. We focused our research around sculptural works documented in the Arnolfini archives and devised new live work in direct response to these materials. 'Group Show' was presented in the Arnolfini Galleries during the  Performing Documents: Remake programme.

After Richard Hughes 'Love Seat'

The sculptural work 'Love Seat' was first exhibited at Arnolfini in Becks Futures 2006. Our 2012 'cover' was created with photographer Carl Newland and dance artist Laura Dannequin in Arnolfini's Dark Studio during our early research.

NEWS: One Night Stand: Performances, Spike Island 29 November
Performance Re-enactment Society presented 3 interventions inspired by the works of Alison Knowles, Yoko Ono & Sophie Calle

The Dialogical Chair, Lillehammer, Norway July 2012

The Dialogical Chair

A new collaboration with Jan Steinum Sculpture/Photography/Installation

This site-specific installation, the first of a series (we hope) was developed during my recent trip to Lillehammer, where Jan is currently artist in residence at the home of the Norwegian painter Jakob Weidemann.

Tacturiency, Summer Lodge, NTU July 2012

vimeo video link - click on image


A collaborative project that I am developing with Emma Cocker, this work Tacturiency: game of resonance was produced during a one-week 'residency' at Summer Lodge, NTU with excellent support/involvement of intern, Christine Stevens. 
Further documentation of Tacturiency at Summer Lodge can be found here
Emma and I are developing ideas from the Tacturiency collaboration for future residencies.

Rhod 2012, Wales - new site specific work

Rhôd is a unique open-air contemporary art event held annually in Drefelin, Carmarthenshire. Since 2009 the owners of Melin Glonc Mill, Roger Lougher and Mari Beynon Owen, have arranged for artists to show their installation art in and around the old corn mill.

The underlying theme of the event has been to open a dialogue between artists who work in urban and rural environments. Each year the show has been curated by artists who have previously been exhibitors. This year the curator was Kathryn Campbell Dodd.