Performance Re-enactment Society, The Pigs of Today are the Hams of Tomorrow

Performance Re-enactment Society with Hugo Glendinning 

21st - 24th January 2010
Live Laboratory Symposium
Royal Williams Yard
Associate Curator Marina Abramovic 
Curator Paula Orrell
Plymouth Arts Centre

A collection of photographic images capturing participants memories of performance art. Created with Hugo Glendinning during The Pigs of Today are the Hams of Tomorrow. Exhibited at Plymouth Art Centre and touring to AFTERLIVE, Norwich Arts Centre.

Abramovic named this exhibition after the title of an essay by the eminent German critic Georg Jappe, a conceptual piece that challenged arts relation to politics. The title is very appropriate to the preservation of performance. Is the live art practice of today dead tomorrow? And does it needs to be dead, like meat, in order to be consumed? 

The Performance Re-enactment Society have examined the remains of live art today through diverse practice as research commissions. We are interested in the ways in which this strand of recent art history can be conserved, communicated and understood across generations and how we might do performance art history through practice. 

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