Rhod 2012, Wales - new site specific work

Rhôd is a unique open-air contemporary art event held annually in Drefelin, Carmarthenshire. Since 2009 the owners of Melin Glonc Mill, Roger Lougher and Mari Beynon Owen, have arranged for artists to show their installation art in and around the old corn mill.

The underlying theme of the event has been to open a dialogue between artists who work in urban and rural environments. Each year the show has been curated by artists who have previously been exhibitors. This year the curator was Kathryn Campbell Dodd.

Connection/Time, performance collaboration with Paul Hurley


An interdisciplinary project investigating  participatory live digital archiving in the occurrent arts through online social media.

Lead Artists: Paul Hurley, Dane Watkins
with Phil Owen, Steve Robbins, Clare Thornton H. Ren and Caroline Wilkins

Hosts: Knowle West Media Centre, Performance Exchange, SITE Festival Stroud, Arnolfini and Station Gallery, Bristol