Pleats & Folds - Exhibition Opening 16th April 2009

A collector of private stories and curious about the memories we tenderly fold into personal objects, British artist Clare Thornton has created a series of new works for her solo exhibition ‘Pleats & Folds’ premiering at Galleri Soft.

The works in this mixed media exhibition are a distillation of personal stories gathered during a UK residency at Arnolfini Art Centre, Bristol. Comprising textile, sculpture and video works, the installation hints at the memories people shared with her - stories carried deep within and upon the body.

The pieces in this installation suggest an eclectic range of influences and inspirations. In a decorated, Baroque inspired, Ruff collar piece - which forms the centrepiece to the exhibition - one can see an interest in theatrical costume, body adornment and craft processes. The miniature silver charms adorning the collar represent the ’soft’ objects that people brought to the artist. Through interview and audio-visual documentation the artist unwrapped the stories associated with each item. To go full circle those participants will be given the corresponding silver charm at the end of this project – a gift for a gift.

The abundance of curves and folds moving throughout the installation create an impression of tracing, hinting at overlapping story lines (and lines of enquiry); at one moment open and fully on view, and at the next moment hidden and curved back in on themselves. There is a desire to both share yet protect the precious and private tales gifted to the artist.

These new works form part of an ongoing series of experimental pieces. ‘Pleats & Folds’ is a collection of works investigating story/time lines, body memory and the processes of working with personal objects laden with meaning. The artist intends to next create a bookwork drawing together this body of research materials, as well as to produce a new video installation for the British Live Art Festival – Inbetween Time/ What Next The Body? in Winter 2009.