Pleats & Folds - Residency at Arnolfini, Bristol

In September 2008 I undertook a residency at the Arnolfini through their 'We Live Here' Live Art programme.

During the residency I held a series of public Open Studio and workshop sessions that fed into the R&D for my project 'Pleats & Folds'. I was joined by Norwegian artist (and regular collaborator) Jan Steinum and a small local group of participants who I met and worked with on Tom Marshman's The Invitation project.

In Pleats & Folds I explore hidden narratives and layers of memory through a process of unwrapping stories associated with 'soft objects', working towards a new mixed media installation piece inspired by the personal stories gathered during this research period.

My practice revolves around narrative, site, history and the making of meaning and I+ use the costumed/adorned body as a possible site/tool for exploring these concerns. I experiment with objects, photography, text, textile & performance for video.

Using the Ruff/Collar in Baroque Northern European portraiture as a starting point to my investigations into status, symbolism, control and the individual in society I was curious to construct a Ruff piece that might carry markings/motifs within it reflecting the contemporary personal narratives I captured during the residency.